Tune Ups are Important

In which we test the strength of our mettle. Featuring unrealistic healthcare standards and a blast from the past.

This episode’s script can be found here:

Misadventure by Death is a monthly podcast.

Cover art: Kassandra

Guest starring:

Judson Ragsdale of The Blood Crow Stories

Lane Lloyd of Sable

Paul Sating of Subject: Found and Who Killed Julie?

Mischa Stanton of Ars Paradoxica

Paul Misacavage of Minefire

Jesse Hall of Tales of Thattown

Alexander Danner of Greater Boston and What’s the Frequency

Armed with nothing but his trusty recorder and a few dozen flashlights, Neil Hastbury-Rue takes up the mantle of groundskeeper at the definitely haunted, recently opened Harrison Shaw Manor Museum in the middle of the Virginian Appalachian mountains. Easy-peasy…right? Perhaps not. As Neil attempts to settle into his new home, he finds himself having to combat supernatural shenanigans, a few less than savory fellow staff members, and good old Southern charm. What could possibly go wrong?

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